Scooter and Moped Accident and Injury Claims in Florida

Scooter and Moped Accident and Injury Claims in Florida

As insurance attorneys in the state of Florida, we are commonly asked about how a moped vehicle is covered under insurance, and if a person is entitled to uninsured motorist benefits if they are involved in an accident with a moped. UM benefits will not cover a person that is involved in an accident involving a moped because a moped is not considered to be a motor vehicle. Underinsured motorist coverage will only cover individuals that are involved in cases where a motor vehicle was present in the accident. A moped is classified as a pedestrian accident and in these cases, a pedestrian that is struck by a moped will only be able to seek damages as a result of a personal injury case.

Mopeds are becoming more popular across the state of Florida. Mopeds are prohibited from a variety of actions like lane splitting and most moped vehicles are limited to 40 mi./h. Nevertheless, there are many residents that upgrade their mopeds, build custom machines, and more. Most mopeds have extremely small engines, however, the speed that these bikes can carry could do a lot of damage to a pedestrian.

If you are involved in an accident involving a moped it’s important to seek legal counsel immediately. Logging the details of the accident, where the driver was and if they could have broken any laws may help your case towards an injury claim in Florida.

Contact us if you have been involved in a moped accident or scooter accident in Florida and you need to seek compensation for your injuries!

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